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Dodi Soza, Downey High School Football Player Dies After Collapsing During Game

Photo from Azalea Iñiguez/Telemundo

Dodi Soza Photo from Azalea Iñiguez/Telemundo

Dodi Soza, a popular student-athlete who was attending Downey High School has died after collapsing during a football game he was participating in on Thursday.

Soza, a player on the Vikings football team, was rushed to a hospital in Long Beach on Thursday afternoon after falling ill.

Soza was at a game against Lynwood High School afternoon when he collapsed after apparently suffering a brain injury.

The 16-year-old was rushed to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, and was later transferred to Long Beach Memorial.

Several of his friends and loved ones have taken to social media sites remembering their classmate. Family and friends planned a vigil at the campus at 7 p.m. The hashtag #PrayforDodi picked up steam on Twitter as friends and classmates mourned Soza.

More details to follow.