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Power Outages Hit South Bay Area including Gardena

This is Breaking News:

On  Sunday, September 15, 2013, at approximately 7:06 am, numerous cities within the South Bay suffered a power outage. The City of Gardena was one of these cities. The cause of the power outage is not known at this time.

Electricity pylon - power outage

Electricity pylon – power outage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Southern California Edison is aware of the problem and working towards a resolution. The time frame for this resolution is unknown.

As a result of this power outage, many of the traffic signals within the City are not functioning. The Gardena Police Department and Public Works are working together to set up barricades and temporary stop signs at as many intersections as possible. Please drive safely during this power outage and have patience with the delays that may be connected with the power outage and signals being out.

Report any unsafe circumstances to our dispatch at (310) 323-7911. As usual, please dial 911 for any emergencies you may experience.

We will provide updates as frequently as possible.

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