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Community Voices: Reader Want Governor Jerry Brown to ‘Clean Up Corruption’ Inside Workers Comp, LAUSD

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles Unified School District (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper allows our readers to be heard on important issues with our “Community Voices” section. This is an open letter to California Governor Jerry Brown regarding alleged workers compensation fraud at the Los Angeles Unified School District from reader Rozy Press.

Governor Brown:

I would greatly appreciate your Explanation, Review and Reconsideration of my Workers’ Comp Case.
I have tried calling and writing the Depart. Of Industrial Relations on many occasions. And I have a pending Complaint against Judge Jerold Cohn. But, Workers’ Comp can never tell me that a Judge can’t make a medical diagnosis(not a doctor) and change all the facts/testimony in my WC case. I have never heard of anything like this in the American judicial system. And that a doctor can just change all the facts and adopt the judge’s medical diagnosis. And admits under Oath he doesn’t have evidence for the medical diagnosis, the facts and hasn’t seen me for years or wants too. And he is paid by LAUSD, the taxpayers’ money, $16,770-$700 a page for his “unsubstantiated” medical report.

Surely, this isn’t what Ca. Workers’ Comp is supposed to be?

I want to be able to tell all the millions of listeners that have heard my story on the
Rev. Edward Pinkney, blogtalkradio/pinkney Show every Sunday from 2-4 PM PST– 5-7 PM EST and all those reading all my Internet Articles about my personal experience with the Ca. Workers Comp system that Justice is possible. And that the Injustice that I have had to endure for the last 12 1/2 years of my LAUSD, Admitted 2002, “Act of Violence” Workers’ Comp Case can be Reconsidered and that Justice finally will prevail.

MY Questions:
Why was I denied the required Judicial Ethics, a fair, just and impartial trial and proceedings?
Why was my Due Process Denied?
Why was the substantiated evidence, records and reports not used in all the Decisions, Findings, Opinions and Medical Reports of Judge Jerold Cohn(2010-2013) and Dr. John Stalberg(after 2007) which Lowered my Rating and Denied my Benefits as the documented evidence clearly shows?

Why was my Workers’ Comp Trial Judge, Van Nuys Workers Comp Board (VNWCAB) Judge Jerold Cohn allowed to exceed his powers in my case? He made a medical diagnosis. He is not a doctor.
He disregarded the Decision of the WC Appeals Board 4/1/2011. Judge Cohn refused to give Dr. Silverman’s medical reports to Dr. Stalberg by order of the 4/1/2011 Workers’ Comp Appeal Board’s Decision. And 30 pages of my testimony was mysteriously missing. He used Inadmissible Evidence were I Won-changed the facts. And per the LAUSD/UTLA agreement the paperwork was to be removed and destroyed. He changed all the facts and added his own. Judge Cohn and Dr. Stalberg turned LAUSD Dr. Randall’s small 1/2 page memo into medical reports and that he was a doctor at Kaiser. Judge Cohn gave me a pre existing condition. He did a character assassination on me. He wrote the most vile and disgusting thing about me.
He changed ALL the facts and testimony, added his own facts, constantly delayed my case and libeled me.
He went after me with a vengeance rarely seen in a Workers’ Comp Case on line after line and page after page in all of his Findings, Opinions and Decisions. Resulting in his 3/27/2012 Decision which Lowered my Rating and Denied my Benefits.

Why is this allowed in the Ca. Workers’ Comp system?
My WCAB Trial Judge Jerold Cohn, an Administrative Law Judge, had all the documented substantiated Medical Reports, LAUSD Records, heard all the testimony-mine, my witness’ and LAUSD’s witness’. He even took notes. But, made up his own medical diagnosis and “unsubstantiated” facts.

Why was AME Dr. John Stalberg able to change all the facts to adopt Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis in his 11/15/2011 Medical Report without any evidence for it? He was paid $16,770-$700 a page for his medical report. He had given me a 100% Rating in 2005 stating I was credible and cooperative.
And now Dr. Stalberg wrote a 11/15/2011 Medical Report where he admits under Oath(Depo 1/2012) that he doesn’t have the evidence for the medical diagnosis. LAUSD paid(taxpayers’ money)Dr. Stalberg $16,770 – that’s $700 a page – for his 11/15/2011 “unsubstantiated” Medical Report. Dr. Stalberg admitted under Oath, Deposition 1/2012, that he hadn’t seen me, talked to me, or examined me for years and didn’t want to. Also, that he didn’t even have all the records because someone stole his computer. And he didn’t have the evidence to prove Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis. But, he wrote a $16,770-$700 a page Medical Report based on Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis-not a doctor.

His “unsubstantiated” Medical Report Lowered my Rating and Denied my Benefits. Because of this my health is deteriorating, I can’t pay my mortgage payment. I’m losing my home. I can’t pay my bills and at times I haven’t had money for food.

Why was Judge Cohn and Dr. Stalberg allowed to make up there own unsubstantiated medical diagnosis and evidence in my case?
They had all the substantiated records, medical reports, testimony and their own notes.

The Big Question?
I Won the WC Appeals Board’s Decision of 4/1/2011. They asked that my case be “Reconsidered” and that the medical records of Dr. Silverman be sent to Dr. Stalberg. The WC Appeals Board sent my case back to Judge Jerold Cohn to do the “right thing”. He disregarded their Decision.
Instead, he made up his own “unsubstantiated” medical diagnosis-not a doctor and made up his own facts.
Why when my case went back to the Workers Comp Appeal’s Board for the 2nd time wasn’t my Appeal even read? Just Denied without a reason. Judge Cohn made up a medical diagnosis and changed all the facts in my case. Dr. Stalberg changed all the facts and adopted Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis. And admits he didn’t have the evidence for the medical diagnosis. But, he was paid $16,770 for his “unsubstantiated” Medical Report.Why was my Appeal Denied? Appeals have to have a reason for being Denied.

Why didn’t LAUSD do anything when I was violently attacked. Isn’t safety of the students, teachers and staff a LAUSD priority? Why when I was violently attacked at Sepulveda MS and sprayed in my face with the toxic chemicals from a fire extinguisher didn’t the principal, Mrs. Charness call the paramedics for me and my injured students. There was no nurse at school that day. Why wasn’t Hazmat called to clean up my room as 180 students sat in the toxic chemicals for months? No matter how many times I asked.Why was nothing done to the student who sprayed all of us?

I’m totally disabled now from being sprayed in my face with the toxic chemicals(medically documented). And another LAUSD teacher at Gompers Middle School, Charles Smith was sprayed 6/2000 in his face and died from his injuries.

It’s Time For All of Us To Speak Up and Ask WHY? There are thousands of injured workers that have had to endure their own Workers’ Comp nightmare going through the Corrupt Workers’ Comp System.

Please Contact Me
Rozy Press
C 818 631-0513
[email protected]

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