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6,720 Inches of Hair Collected at Norwalk ‘Locks of Love’ Drive

Locks of Love Aviano 4

Locks of Love Aviano 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Kristin Grafft

After cutting and styling hair for five hours at the Locks of Love hair drive, stylists form Salon De Leon and Jae Valentine succeeded in collecting 6,720 inches of hair during the annual Independence Day Celebration in Norwalk.
The exceptional efforts of these volunteer stylists were recognized on Tuesday, August 7 at the Norwalk City Council meeting,
Presiding Vice Mayor Marcel Rodarte said, “I went out there to visit those ladies, they did it last year and the year before and the year before, and they were out there and it was hot and I just want to say thanks a lot for all you guys do.”
The stylists recognized from Salon De Leon were Lucia Vargas, Diana Rivas, Zurisadai Espinoza, Denise Ponce and Olga Leon.
The stylists recognized from Jae Valentine Hair Salon were Cynthia Lupercio, Rebecca Vazquez, Desirae Ramirez-Perez, Elissa Andujo and Gina Ortega.
Linda Lopez, Josie Franco, Priscilla Aguilar, Deanna Estrada, Norma Duran, Teena Aragan, and Sadie Guerrero also participated in the event but were unable to attend the meeting on Tuesday night.
In an interview with Hews Media Group-Community News, Ramirez-Perez said, “This is our third consecutive year participating in this event and it seems like each year it just gets better and better… We look forward to returning again next year.”
Ramirez-Perez also commented that the event has been a great opportunity to meet new people. “They had really good stories to share as far as how cancer has affected their lives and how they look forward to donating each year.”
In other items, city council also honored six of Norwalk’s hometown heroes. Most of the honored military men and women are currently on active duty in the United States Armed Forces and were not able to attend the meeting. Family members came on their behalf and were presented with a banner of their loved one.
The Hometown Heroes presented at the August 7 meeting were Timothy Hariper of the US Marines, Jacqueline Jaramillo of the US Army, Emilio Mendizabel of the US Army, Joshua Proffitt of the US Army, Louis Vasquez of the US Army, and brothers Andrew and Patrick Unite who serve together in the US Navy.

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