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ABC School Board Member James Kang Drops Bid For Reelection

ABC School Board Member James Kang has decided that he will not seek reelection in the upcoming November 5th campaign.  Randy Economy Photo

ABC School Board Member James Kang has decided that he will not seek reelection in the upcoming November 5th campaign. Randy Economy Photo

Updated 5:34 PM

By Brian Hews

In a move that has caught many local political observers off guard, ABC Unified School District Board Member James Kang confirmed to Hews Media Group-Community News on Tuesday that he will not be a candidate for reelection in this November’s campaign.
Kang, who was elected in 2009, told HMG – CN in an interview that he was “happy to be a school board member, but for the time being, I will concentrate on my family’s well-being.”
Kang also said that “I will not be negligent and not watch over the community’s well-being and to share my opinion if it is necessary.”

At least two Cerritos residents, Soo Yoo and Daniel Fierro have already taken the legal steps to be candidates in the Fall campaign.

The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters will be legally obligated to extend the filing period to next Wednesday, April 14 at 5 p.m.

Incumbent ABC School Board Members Olympia Chen and Linda Johnson have already filed for reelection.

“As a public servant, I have worked hard to achieve student’s success, to build up parent’s leadership, and to encourage teacher’s readiness during the past four years,” Kang said.

“As a result, the API score of ABC School students has improved 50 points or more, and the District’s ranking has gone up two steps higher amongst all of the Los Angeles County Unified School Districts,” Kang said.
Kang said he has “not decided” who to support and endorse in the campaign. “I need to wait and see who is going to be running after the filing closes. Then, I will talk to the candidates and then offer my support to the one I feel is most qualified.”


Johnson said in a statement regarding Kang’s decision not to seek reelection, “I have had the pleasure to have worked with James since I have been on the board. I thank him for his service to the students, schools and communities of the ABC USD.”

Fierro said that he “wishes James well in his future plans,” and that he and Kang have not had the opportunity to sit down together to “talk about the campaign.”

“He should take pride in what he was accomplished during the past four years on the ABC School Board,” Fierro said.

Now with Kang out of the race, Fierro said that he will continue to focus his campaign on talking to the voters for the next several weeks. “Nothing changes, as far as I am concern, our campaign is focused and on target,” Fierro said.

Kang ran for the Cerritos City in the March of this year, finishing far behind winners George Ray and Carol Chen.