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First CEB Proclamation Aug 18

Submitted by the Cerritos Friends of the First CEB

The public is invited to meet one of the United States Marine Corps’ finest Non-Commissioned Officers, Sergeant Jasper Sicz, who will be presented with a City of Cerritos Proclamation by the mayor and city council on Saturday Aug 10, 2013 11:30 at the Sheraton Hotel (Fountain Court) for his meritorious service. Due to Sergeant Sicz meritorious performance, he was recently accepted for the coveted Drill Instructor School, where upon graduation, he will train other young men to become exemplary Marines.

Sergeant Sicz is attached to the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, stationed at Camp Pendleton, responsible for the maintenance of the battalions vast array of engineering equipment. Besides excellence in the performance of his duties, Sergeant Sicz constantly seeks self-improvement by graduating from advanced maintenance management schooling. He is certified as a MCMAP Black Belt 1st Degree Instructor, attending the Combat Hunter Course with over 100 hours of combat tracking, graduated from the Sergeant’s Course to make him PME complete, and completed the Lean-Six-Sigma, Yellow-Belt-level Course. He has shot expert on the rifle range, has a 286 first class PFT score, scored a 300 CFT, and completed 64 Marine Corp Institute courses. Sergeant Sicz has been singled out by many different superiors as a Marine who sets a high bar for Sergeants in the Battalion to emulate. He leads by example in everything he does, and his superior leadership is a catalyst for the positivity that breeds within his platoon. Sergeant Sicz is a role model for subordinates and peers throughout the entire battalion. Sergeant Sicz is one of this country’s finest examples of patriotism and dedication, a man whose service allows us to enjoy the freedoms we are privileged to have today. This is your chance to meet his fine young man and his family.