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Filner Suggests ‘Summer’ Attire Tips for San Diego City Female Employees

English: US Rep. Bob Filner

English: US Rep. Bob Filner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: US Rep. Bob Filner

English: US Rep. Bob Filner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Brian Hews

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and Walt Ekard, his Interim Chief Operating Officer for the municipality has sent out a revealing email to city employees on Wednesday that gives specific suggestions and tips on how female employees should wear “casual attire” during this current summer season.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper was sent a copy of the email from a high ranking San Diego city official who did not want to be identified.

Filner has become a national target in the media  during the past several weeks when a number of women employees said he “fondled” “groped” “grabbed” them in a sexual manner..

“The Mayor has suggested and I concur, that as we move into the hot days of August, September and October, we should extend business casual attire usually saved for Fridays to all workdays through October 31, 2013,” Ekard said.

“If you are scheduled for meetings or other activities that require business attire, I will continue to expect you to dress in an appropriate manner. This is especially true when attending City Council meetings, committee meetings or other meetings which involve public participation,” Ekard wrote in his email.

“I also understand that business casual attire may not be appropriate for all working environments.  Please be sure to speak with your supervisor should you have any questions about whether it is acceptable to wear casual business attire to specific meetings or other work activities,” he said.

“As always, each Appointing Authority is responsible for establishing appearance guidelines within their respective areas.  Please contact the Human Resources Department should you have any questions about what constitutes business casual attire.  I hope you are all having a great summer,” Ekard concluded.


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