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Garcetti, Beck Take to Twitter Calling for Calm Monday Night; Protesters Hit Crenshaw Boulevard; Tactical Alert Called

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This is Breaking News:

Here are the latest details on the protests in Los Angeles on Monday night in wake of the verdict in the case of Geroge Zimmerman.

  • Several protesters are marching along Crenshaw Boulevard near 48th Street in the Lemert Park section of Los Angeles on Monday night causing several law enforcement officials to converge on the area.
  • A Wal-Mart Department Store was hit by a throng of protesters who also jumped on several cars, and a few small fires have been set in trash cans.
  • Aerial video by television news cameras has caught some throwing rocks and at least on person has been injured.
  • LAPD Chief Charlie Beck hit to Twitter on Monday night with the following statement: “Violence is never the answer. Urging all protestors around LA 2let peace prevail.This is OUR City and we need to work 2gether 2 preserve it.”
  • LA Mayor Eric Garcetti also Twitted on Monday night: “I commend the prayer rally attendees in Leimert Park for practicing peace. I call on people in street on Crenshaw to follow their example.”
  • A “tactical alert” has been issued throughout Los Angeles at around 9:30 p.m.
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