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Two Dead, Six Injured Around Santa Monica College on Friday

Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is BREAKING NEWS from Los Cerritos Community Newspaper.

Law enforcement officials in Santa Monica on Friday are confirming that two lifeless bodies have been located inside of a  home after it was set on fire by the same man who began shooting at several cars and bystanders in the Santa Monica College area.

Santa Monica College is one of the largest community colleges in California.

At least six people were taken to hospitals in the wake of the shooting.

The bodies were found inside a home not far from campus.

It is being reported that a gunman allegedly set the home on fire, opened fire on several cars then attempted to carjack two vehicles.

Law enforcement said that one of the carjackings occurred near the campus library and college police station.

A suspect fled to the library, where he was wounded by police and captured.

The name of the suspect has not been made public, nor have the names of the two dead victims.

–Los Cerritos Community Newspaper



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