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Oops! Wrong Miss Canada Crowned

 (CNN) — There was a major mix up at the Miss Universe Canada pageant. Somehow pageant officials crowned the wrong beauty queen.

Denise Garrido was Miss Universe Canada for a day before Riza Santos was officially given the title. The two women talked for the first time on Wednesday.

Garrido says, “I would like to congratulate Riza on being Miss Universe Canada. On my end, I feel bad that I took away that moment from her, but at the same time, Riza, I’m glad to share this bonding experience. We were both a Ms. Earth Canada, Ms. World Canada and we have shared in the Ms. Universe Canada. And I’m happy to pass it over to you now, and I wish you the best.”

Santos says, “Thank you so much. That means a lot to me this is the first time it happened. And I spoke to you directly since the pageant. I heard through the media and through the director that you have been so gracious through the entire process, and i thank you so much for your message right now. I have known you for a couple of years now, and you are a person of integrity and a respectful, positive person, so I thank you so much for your graciousness during this time.”

Denise Garrido was the third runner up in the pageant.