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Pat Gentile: Lakewood Regional Nurse Retires After 40 Years of Service


Pat Gentile retires after 40 years of service to the community from Lakewood Regional Hospital.

Pat Gentile retires after 40 years of service to the community from Lakewood Regional Hospital.

After almost four decades of service, Pat (Patricia) Gentile, R.N. will be “hanging up her nursing shoes” and retiring May 3rd.

Pat Gentile, graduated from nursing school in 1967 and joined Doctors Hospital of Lakewood (Lakewood Regional Medical Center) in 1975 as a staff nurse on the med surge unit.
During a family visit from Massachusetts she was visiting her in-laws locally and, during the visit, she decided to apply at the than 3 year old hospital.
“I interviewed with Doris Ausman and she hired me on the spot. I remember I was wearing Bermuda shorts during the interview”, recounts Gentile. “At the time Massachusetts was going through a recession and the job market was slow so we decided we had nothing to lose and everything to gain and made the move to Lakewood.”
Over her 38 years Gentile has worked in almost every capacity as a nurse at LRMC, most recently serving as Director of Infection Prevention. Pat has helped make major strides while working with clinicians to ensure all measures are taken to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.
She has worked to help shape policies and procedures that will continue to be practiced long after she is gone. By her own estimate she has given upwards of 30,000 flu vaccines to employees, volunteers and members at the community at health fairs with the mission of preventing the spread of the flu virus.
“Pats relentless dedication to providing the safest environment for our patients and community’s has allowed us to maintain the highest standards of care” said Terri Newton, Chief Nursing Officer at LRMC, as she recalled the many contributions Gentile has made ” We will always be grateful to her for the past 38 years she has shared with us”
“I am going to miss the people and the good friends I have made here. This has always been a great place to work”, said Gentile when asked what she will miss most about LRMC. “Being a nurse here is like being part of a family and I do mean family because as a nurse I have spent half my life working here and like a family we have spent a lot of time together and support each other”.
“Nearly 40 years is an incredible amount of time to commit to a career in nursing and we salute Pat’s devotion to our patients, employees and community, said Joseph B. Badalian, CEO & President of Lakewood Regional Medical Center.
“She will be missed by many and we wish her well in her retirement.
Pat (Patricia) Gentile, R.N.