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May 13-19 Crime Summaries For Cerritos and La Mirada

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English: A car that has been burglarized. Bad for me, good for Wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following Crime Summary is provided to our readers each and every week here for the Cerritos and La Mirada communities.  The information listed below is provided to Hews Media Group from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  Be Prepared.  Be Safe.


May 13-19, 2013

A robbery was reported on the 11900 block of La Mirada Blvd. Cash and a cell phone were stolen in the incident.
Aggravated Assault
An assault was reported on the 13900 block of Plume Dr. The incident resulted from a family dispute where the suspect used a flashlight to attack the victim.
A shooting was reported on the 13500 block of Santa Gertrudes Ave. The suspect shot the victim during an alteration at the residence. The suspect was taken into custody after abandoning a vehicle used in the incident in Unincorporated Whittier. The victim was transported to the hospital and treated for two gunshot wounds.
Residential Burglary
A residential burglary was reported on the 15100 block of Leffingwell Rd. Jewelry and electronics were stolen from the residence.
A camera was reported stolen in a burglary on the 14300 block of San Ardo Dr.
A burglary was also reported on the 13100 block of Parise Dr.
Other Structure Burglary
A burglary to a garage was reported on the 13100 block of Ocaso Ave. Speakers were stolen from the location.
An attempted burglary was reported on the 11500 La Mirada Blvd. A suspect was taken into custody by responding deputies.
Computers were stolen in a burglary on the 14800 block of Firestone Blvd.
An incident was reported on the 13900 block of Imperial Hwy. The main glass door was shattered to gain entry into the location.
Vehicle Burglary
A vehicle burglary was reported on the 15700 block of Olive Branch Dr. A wallet and other items were stolen from the vehicle. Another incident was reported on the 16100 block of Rosecrans Ave.
Grand Theft
Copper wiring was reported stolen from a cell phone tower near Oakwood Lane and La Mirada Blvd. Various personal belongings were reported stolen from a trunk of an unlocked vehicle on the 13300 block of Hillsborough Dr.
Grand Theft Vehicle
A vehicle was reported stolen on the 15000 block of Leffingwell Rd. The vehicle was recovered two days later by the Sheriff’s Department.
A vehicle reported stolen from Orange County Sheriff’s jurisdiction was recovered near Desmand Rd. and Trojan Wy.

May 13-19, 2013
For the third consecutive week, 22 Part I felony investigations were conducted by deputies at the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station. Residential burglaries and “other structure”/commercial burglaries were up. Vehicle thefts remained the same, while robberies and vehicle burglaries declined. Field deputies handled 204 calls for service last week, down from 234 the previous one. The 2013 weekly average in calls for service is 278.
There were no robberies logged during this reporting period.
Residential burglaries increased from two to six last week. Four of the recent cases were attributed to open/unlocked doors or windows. Two windows were also pried open. Among the items taken were cash, jewelry, laptop computers, cameras, TVs, a bicycle and glasses. One suspect is in custody and another has been identified. The 2013 weekly average in residential burglaries remained at 5.1.
Six “other structure”/commercial burglaries were reported compared to one the week before. Three storage sheds were targeted where DVDs, CDs, figurines, a bug net and a toilet were stolen. A laptop computer was stolen from an elementary school classroom. A fitness center locker was breached that resulted in the loss of keys, a gym bag and earphones. The sixth case involved a closed business where copper wire and fittings were removed after a hole was cut in the wall. The 2013 weekly average in “other structure”/commercial burglaries is 2.8.
Vehicle burglaries were down from ten to two last week. Both of the recent cases occurred in high-volume commercial parking lots and were SUVs. Keys were the only determined loss. The new 2013 weekly average in vehicle burglaries is 8.1.
Vehicle thefts remained the same at six last week. High-volume commercial parking lots were the locations in all six and four of the crimes occurred in the same lot in the 10700 block of Artesia Boulevard. Two SUVs, two all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and two trailers were stolen. The 2013 weekly average in vehicle thefts is now 3.8.
Go to www.safercerritos.com for an extensive library of crime prevention tips, disaster preparedness information, and a variety of links to other pertinent sites.

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