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BREAKING: Madison Fire In Monrovia Consumes 170 Acres on Saturday

Fire officials in Monrovia are fighting a stubborn hillside brush fire on Saturday that as of 7 p.m. had already destroyed 170 areas.


Known as the “Madison Brush Fire.” the blaze is at 10% containment.


Evacuation orders are in place for all affected areas including the following neighborhoods:


  • Crescent
  • El Nido
  • Highland from Foothill
  • Franklin
  • Scenic 400-500 blocks
  • Cloverleaf, Lotone
  • Hidden Valley
  • Ridgeside
  • Briar Cliff
  • Golden Hills
  • and everything west of Canyon Park North of Scenic.


There are now 65 fire engines, 6 hand crews, and additional resources responding, and one heat-related injury to a firefighter.


Source: Monrovia Fire Department



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