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Two Norwalk Gang Members Charged With Attempted Murder

By Brian Hews

Two known Norwalk  gang members have been charged with attempted murder this week, Sheriff’s Captain Pat Maxwell announced Tuesday night.

Maxwell told Norwalk City Council member’s that Angel Ray Aceituno and Michael Vincent Cazares for the attempted murder of Simon Arellano back on October 12, 2012 in Norwalk.

In the complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court this week, it is also alleged that both Cazares and Arellano “personally and intentionally discharged a firearm, a handgun” during their crimes, which is in violation of California’s strict gun laws.

Maxwell said both men could be spending “the rest of their adult lives behind bars.”

“We are 100 percent assured that we have the correct suspects in this case,” Maxwell said.

“There has been a lot of misinformation about out in the community about this case, and wanted to tell the public about this matter directly,” Maxwell said.

“We got two hard core gang members off the streets of Norwalk,” Maxwell told the city council.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will have additional updates as soon as they are made public.