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George Ray Thanks Cerritos Voters

Dear Editor:
As your newly elected member of the Cerritos City Council, I am putting this email out to thank those who voted and volunteered to help elect me to the City Council. This victory is not mine nor even my family’s and friend’s alone; and I understand that and am very thankful to all of you, some who even took the initiative to promote my candidacy on their own without my knowledge or who spent sleepless nights and long days filling out postcards, drafting letters, stuffing envelopes, calling voters, putting up signs, and walking the neighborhoods that make Cerritos great. This victory is well earned by you as well.

I also write this, to let everyone who did not vote for me, that while you did not vote for me, I was elected to represent all of Cerritos, not just those who voted for me.

Along with my new colleagues, Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Barrows, and Councilmembers Carol Chen, Joseph Cho and Mark Pulido, we will have difficult decisions to make over these next four years. Some of our decisions you will be pleased with and some you will be disappointed in. Some of the issues coming before us will be very personal to some of you and we will try to remember that as we contemplate the issues.

All I ask from you is to respectfully work with us, let us know if we are missing something, help us keep Cerritos the great city it really is and then help us make it even better.

Councilman George Ray