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Cerritos Travelgate: Thanks LCCN Reporters

To all of your reporters I wish to say thank you. We have lived in Cerritos since 1977 and I am so disgusted at what has been happening with the council. You speak the truth so have been blackballed by them. They were trying to cover up the truth and you stuck to your digging and reporting. I just wish we could clean house on all of them. I would like to know how the trips happened. Who oversees their spending and how long have they been sleeping on the job. Is it the city manager? We have sidewalks, roads, trees and I am sure much more that needs repair and the money they spent on travel could have paid for much of it. I have known Mr. Edwards since our kids went to school together and I would have never thought he would be a party of this type of taxpayers spending. Barrows on the other hand is another story. Chen surprised me too. The bigger papers need to jump on this before we are the next Bell or Vernon.
We need to get them out so how can we accomplish this starting with Barrows before he is arrogant Mayor again and pulls more stuff?

Thanks for listening,
Concerned resident