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Flood hits classrooms at St. Linus Catholic School in Norwalk

By Brian Hews

A flood at Saint Linus Catholic School in Norwalk has temporarily displaced several grades of students and has caused more than $50,000.00 in damages.

The flood took place during a 24 hour period on Saturday into Sunday earlier this month when a urinal in the boys bathroom overflowed for almost a 24 hour period, Sister Catherine Casey, told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and the La Mirada Lamplighter in an interview.

“One of our urinals in the boys bathroom malfunctioned and caused several of our classroom and offices to be flooded, it was a total shock to the students and faculty,” said Sister Catherine.

Saint Linus Catholic School is located on Shoemaker Avenue near the Norwalk Public Golf Course and John Glenn High School.

The school recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary this past year and currently has more than 225 students enrolled.

Sr. Catherine said that students affected by the flood currently attend the third to eighth grade.  The students have been relocated in makeshift classrooms to Msgr. McNulty Hall, which normally serves as an indoor gymnasium.

“It is a mess, but the students seem to be adjusting to the situation,” Sr. Cahterine said.

Construction workers are currently dealing with the removal of flooring, tiles, carpets and have been dealing with mold spores, asbestos and other related problems normally caused in situations like these.

“Thank God most of the student’s current work, including computers was located off the floor, or we really would have our hands full,” Sr. Catherine said.

“I am highly impressed by how the students have handled themselves during the past week.  Everyone has pitched in to help, including our amazing parents, and parishioners who make up the Saint Linus community,” she said.

“I was shocked in the beginning, you never expect that one small thing like this could cause so much damage. So far we have had more than 150 gallons of water removed from vacuums and pumping devices.  The walls are soaked, and it is going to take a while for all this to be totally dried out,” Sr. Catherine said.

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