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Editorial: Time For Mayor Cheri Kelley To Be Defeated In Norwalk


Los Cerritos Community Newspaper urges voters in Norwalk to defeat incumbent Cheri Kelley in next Tuesday's election.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper urges voters in Norwalk to defeat incumbent Cheri Kelley in next Tuesday’s election.


On Tuesday, voters in Norwalk will be asked to reelect current Mayor Cheri Kelley to another four year term.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper would like to urge our voters not to be fooled by Kelley this time around and to send her back into private life.

Kelley has become part of the “furniture” at Norwalk City Hall, and has not produced one solid solution to help bring the fiscally strapped municipality out of its economic nightmare.

Instead of welcoming new vibrant businesses to Norwalk, Kelley spends her time harassing and berating new developers in public who want to come and do business in Norwalk.

Kelley likes to strong arm developers in private and then brags that they better “play by her rules, or else….”

Kelley is a real estate agent who has lots of dealings inside the city, which she oversees as an elected official.  That is always a recipe for disaster in any business and especially in a city council.

Kelley even voted against the kids who play Little League in Norwalk.  Who in their right mind would oppose youngsters who only want to play sports?

Please note that during her term as Mayor, the crime rate went up…period.  Could the children of Norwalk be better served by more sports programs, Madame Mayor?

Kelley doesn’t like to be “challenged” by Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and as soon as this newspaper started to “call her out” on her missteps she worked behind the scenes to bring in her “own newspaper” (illegally for that matter).

Kelley even voted against funding improvements at Little Lake Park that has been a “bastion of good” for generations.

Kelley has not provided leadership to help solve the gang violence that has claimed far too many lives during the past four years.  [Remember the sports programs she opposed?]

Kelley has used the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce as her own personal political platform.

More than 110,000 people live in Norwalk, and millions drive through the city each and every week.  We want Norwalk to become a “destination” not a “drive through” location.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper stands firm in our decision and believes that voters would be better served by choosing challenger Enrique Aranda and returning City Councilman Mike Mendez.

The voters need to do the right thing, NOW, and write a new prosperous and exciting chapter in Norwalk’s future.