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Married LAPD Officers Phil and Emada Tingirides to talk openly about being ‘targets’ of Christopher Dorner

By Brian Hews

Two married officers from the Los Angeles Police Department who were targeted by accused killer Christopher Dorner from La Palma in his now infamous “manifesto” will be speaking out for the first time at a planned press conference on Tuesday.

LAPD Captain Phil Tingirides and his wife Sergeant II Emada Tingirides were listed in Dorner’s long winded rant and the two will talk “openly” about their experiences during the ordeal that dominated headlines around the world for more than one week.

Beck plans to also update the media about the Dorner case during the event that is planned in at Police Administration Building on West 1st Street in Los Angeles beginning at 9 a.m.

Beck said that he will discussing the “reopening” of the investigation into Dorner at the press briefing.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will have follow up details on the press conference on Tuesday morning in its web edition.