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‘Henhouse’ Ad Blasts Garcetti, Greuel, Perry in LA Mayor Race

By Brian Hews
A blistering four-minute ad hit that paints Los Angeles Mayoral candidates Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel and Jan Perry as “foxes guarding the hen-house” has already become a hot internet hit just hours of its release on social media sites on Monday.
The spot was produced by a newly formed political action committee “Better Way LA” and is the brainchild of well-known advertising specialist Fred Davis who is backing former candidate Kevin James, a former Federal Prosecutor and popular radio talk show host.
The commercial shows images of Greuel, Garcetti and Perry at a recent debate, and reminds voters in haunting images and gripping music ‘”these three do what the union bosses and other special interests tell them to do, the same special interests that give them the millions that keep getting them elected.”

“Kevin James is the only outsider, the only way our city will change, the only candidate not beholden to the union bosses,” the narrator of the spot says.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and several other media outlets were given copies of the ad late Sunday night.

Gene Maddaus, a well know reporter with LA Weekly told his readers on Monday: “Everybody who’s following the L.A. mayor’s race has been eagerly awaiting the gonzo TV spots in support of ex-radio host Kevin James. Well, wait no more.”


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