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Controller Wendy Greuel Pleads for Boy’s Life While Asking for Donations to Her Mayoral Campaign

In a highly questionable move, Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel pleaded to supporters to give blood to a friend’s chronically ill child while also asking for donations to her mayoral campaign in that same email.

On Friday, Los Cerritos Community News was given a copy of the email written from the Greuel campaign and sent to several thousand recipients in which Greuel plays on the emotions of those recipients.

At the end of the email are three buttons: one asking for donations to her campaign, another to become a supporter of the campaign, and a third to become a Facebook Fan of her campaign.

“This just goes to her character,” said LCCN Publisher Brian Hews, “while the beginning of the email was noble and certainly worth noting, the end was disturbing and something I felt our readers should know about.”

The copy of the contents is listed below with a picture of the email.

I want to put politics aside for a moment to tell you a story that, as a mom, breaks my heart.

A dear friend of mine has a son, Matthew, with a rare, life-threatening condition – aplastic anemia. Because of this illness, he has needed many blood transfusions over the last three years.

Despite these threats to his health, Matthew’s spirit remains high. He’s working towards his diploma, and is looking forward to his future.

Tomorrow, Matthew will undergo a bone marrow transplant at City of Hope hospital, where he’ll remain for at least six weeks.

I’ll be donating blood for Matthew at City of Hope. Will you commit to also donating blood this weekend, or in the coming weeks, so we can make a tremendous difference in his life, and in the lives of many sick young people?

Tomorrow’s transplant could finally make Matthew well, but he’s going to need many of us to step up to donate blood to see him through.

It’s the same story for many other young people at City of Hope, and hospitals across Los Angeles – they need our support to survive.

Please support Matthew and the many sick young people who need our help – let’s put politics aside and donate blood at City of Hope. Here’s how you can schedule an appointment.

Thanks for your support. See you out there!


Below is a picture of the email.
Picture 3