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Goodwill SOLAC’s Response to False Email Rumor


Goodwill SOLAC is grateful to all the people who donate their gently used items, including clothing and household goods, so that we can provide career and social services for those who need them in the city of Long Beach and surrounding communities in Southern Los Angeles County. Whether you choose to donate to Goodwill SOLAC or another worthy cause; we strongly urge you to take a moment to educate yourself about the charities you support.

Goodwill SOLAC offers this reminder in response to an email spreading false information about charitable organizations that is making its way around the Web. Among other things, the email claims that a Goodwill CEO and owner makes $2.3 million a year. This is false; the person named has no connection to Goodwill, and Goodwill Industries International’s president and CEO does not earn such a large salary.

During this holiday season, it’s important to remind donors that some organizations operating thrift stores or donation bins give as little as 5 percent of their overall revenues to charity. According to CharityWatch, formerly known as American Institute of Philanthropy, charities should devote 60 percent or greater from their overall revenues on charitable programs. Most highly efficient charities are able to spend 75 percent or more on programs.

At Goodwill SOLAC, we earned $20 million in revenue this year, and we spend 86 cents of every dollar on program services; such as industry sector job training, that has moved people out of poverty. This is a very healthy number in the nonprofit world, and a solid indicator of our commitment to the good stewardship of your donations. We have an 84-year track record of providing services that meet critical human needs in Southern Los Angeles County. Goodwill is a leading social services enterprise, and consistently ranked among top charities that make your donations go further. Goodwill SOLAC encourages you to “think before you donate” — the one legitimate message that this otherwise spurious email contains — and to research and learn more about the charities you support. Be certain the organization you choose uses its revenue for charitable purposes in support of a mission you are passionate about.

To learn more about Goodwill SOLAC, please visit our website at www.thinkgood.org or call (562) 435-3411.