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@Pontifex: Pope Signs On To Twitter

The Pope is now TWEETING!

By Brian Hews

It is now official. Pope Benedict XVI is now Tweeting.

The Pontiff began accepting and sending out “tweets” this week, and within hours his Holiness had more than 650,000 “Followers.”

Under the moniker @Pontifex, the Holy See is reaching out to the “Twitterverse” and to the faithful.

Pope Benedict will tweet in as many as eight different languages beginning on Wednesday, December 12.

Eventually, Vatican officials said that the Pope will be responding “live to questions about faith during his weekly general audience.”

The Pope sent his first “tweet” in 2011 from what Vatican officials called a “generic” account.

A personal Twitter account for the 85-year-old Benedict has been the subject of intense speculation ever since.