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Doctors expected to take boxing legend Camacho off ‘life support’ after being shot in face

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Legendary boxing champion Hector “Macho” Camacho will be taken off life support, his mother confirmed Friday night to several media outlets.

Maria Matias, mother of Camacho, said that would have doctors do the procedure sometime on Saturday.  The decision to remove Camacho from life support is not supported by his eldest son.

The boxer’s mother, Maria Matias, told reporters outside the hospital where Camacho lay unconscious since being shot in the face that she had decided doctors should remove life support, but only after three of his sons arrived in Puerto Rico early Saturday and had a chance to see him a last time.

“I lost my son three days ago. He’s alive only because of a machine,” Matias said. “My son is not alive. My son is only alive for the people who love him,” she added. The three other sons were expected to arrive from the U.S. mainland around midnight Friday. “Until they arrive, we will not disconnect the machine,” Matias said.

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