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LCCN Latest Newspaper to Oppose Measure B in Los Angeles County

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Group is the latest area newspaper to urge a No vote against Measure B, the so-called “Safer Sex” initiative on the Nov. 6th ballot, joining eight other newspapers and 44 local chambers of commerce and business groups who have all endorsed No votes against the ballot initiative which threatens 10,000 jobs and over $1 billion in local tax revenue and economic activity.

“The avalanche of opposition to Measure B has been overwhelming with virtually every newspaper in the county recognizing how poorly written and ill-conceived this initiative is and the devastating consequences it will have on the local economy,” said James Lee, communications director for the No on Government Waste Committee. “All together, these newspaper endorsements against Measure B represent over 1.6 million readers and we are confident when they read these editorials, they will become convinced and vote No against Measure B.”

“Los Angeles County government officials have no business in policing adult film performers to see if they are wearing condoms, plain and simple,” said the Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Group editorial.