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UPDATE: Three dead in Downey Slayings; Officials say ‘Not a Random Attack’

UPDATED AT 5:04 pm

By Brian Hews

Three people have been killed and two others have been injured in a shooting at two different locations in Downey on Tuesday.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper had previously reported that two people had been killed. That number has been revised by law enforcement officials.

Jason Pateo, spokesman for the Downey Fire Department told LCCN that the shootings took place at around 11 a.m. The first location was at the 8700 block of Cleta Street where one person was shot and killed.

Within minutes, a second shooting took place less than one block away, Pateo said.

Dean Mulligan, a spokesperson for the Downey Police Department said “this was not a random attack.”

Pateo also told LCCN that they believe the suspect is a male adult black who was seen driving a blacked colored stock Camero with a California License Plate of 6LEA010.