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Space Shuttle Endeavor Cruises Over Cerritos and Norwalk, Into History Books

Space Shuttle Endeavor cruises over Norwalk and Cerritos on Friday on its final flight.

Space Shuttle Endeavor cruised over Norwalk and Cerritos on Friday on its final flight into the history books. This photo was taken by Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Reporter Randy Economy on Friday during the emotional event that had millions of eyes focused on the dramatic sight over brilliant sunny skies.  

Photo and Commentary by Randy Economy

Today Space Shuttle Endeavor literally cruised over Cerritos, Norwalk and Southern California and into the history books as millions of Southern California took off work to see history. To the surprise of countless of local residents, the final flight of the acclaimed spaceship went over South East Los Angeles County down southeast to Anaheim, then looping over the Pacific Coast Highway and eventually to a pin point landing at LAX.

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