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BREAKING NEWS: Attorneys for anti-Islam filmmaker Nakoula enter his Cerritos home

Attorneys of Nakoula arrive in Cerritos

Attorneys of Nakoula Bassele Nakoula arrive and depart in Cerritos, California. Randy Economy Photo

 UPDATE AT 12:20 a.m.,Saturday, September 15

Nakoula attorney Steve Seiden, provided a brief statement to the media on Friday afternoon, demanding that members of the media “leave them alone” saying his client and family “had become prisoners in their own home.”

By Brian Hews


Attorneys for Nakoula Bassele Nakoula have left the Park Street location in Cerritos and briefly spoke to reporters that have been camped outside the home for the past three days.  Members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department continue to be at the location. Los Cerritos Community Newspaper is the only LOCAL CERRITOS newspaper covering this on going crisis. Check back for additional details as they develop.


Cerritos, CA:

Two attorneys for controversial Anti-Islamic film maker Nakoula Bassele Nakoula arrived at the Park Street home that has been the focal point for scores of media during the past three days.

At around 2:10 p.m. several deputies from the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station arrived in a motorcade to escort a dark-colored sports utility vehicle through a maze of reporters, neighbors, and other on lookers to the home of Nakoula.

The attorneys, who were not identified were swarmed by media members and followed the two to the front door of Nakoula’s two-story residence.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has learned that several members of Nakoula’s family are with him inside the location.

Just minutes to the arrival of the two attorneys, two key Cerritos city officials, City Manager Art Gallucci and Community Safety Director Greg Berg showed up to witness the situation.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told LCCN that he was notified about the meeting between Nakoula and his attorney’s “just minutes before they arrived.”

“We can confirm that they are Attorney’s, and we will have no further comment at this time.”

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