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Message to the Community from ABCUSD Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu

By Dr. Mary Sieu

I am honored and excited to serve as the new Superintendent of ABC Unified School District. Prior to this appointment, I served as the District’s Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services and Director of Special Programs and Services.  It has been a privilege to serve the ABC Unified School District for the past 23 years.

It’s with pleasure to welcome you to the 2012-13 school year in ABC Unified School District. The beginning of a new school year always brings much anticipation and excitement as we welcome back the 20,700 students in the District.  Thursday, Sept. 6 was the first day of school.   Throughout this summer, I had the pleasure of visiting with local civic leaders of the major cities ABC Unified School District serves, including Artesia, Cerritos, Hawaiian Gardens and Lakewood. We look forward to working collaboratively together as we begin a new school year.
Although we continue to face unprecedented fiscal challenges in California and in the ABC Unified School District, we are determined to remain focused on the most important responsibility and that is “teaching and learning”. The Strategic Plan Directions adopted by our Board since 2010 are simple and focused.  They include:
Academic Excellence for All
* Healthy Students-Healthy Adults
Expand Parent and Community Involvement
Effective Resource and Facilities Management
Professional Growth for all Employees
As a result of our focus, the District’s academic performance continues to grow despite the fiscal challenges we’ve faced. Recent academic performance reports indicate that our District continues to improve in the 30 schools that are a part of ABC Unified School District. I recognize that there is still much work that remains. I value continuous improvement and welcome input from all our key stakeholders in the District. For more information about ABC Unified School District, the District’s Strategic Plan or academic performance results, please visit our website at: www.abcusd.k12.ca.us.
I wish to express my appreciation to all the individuals, staff, students, parents and community members who do their part on a daily basis to ensure that our students in ABC Unified School District learn in a safe and nurturing environment. Thank you for your support as I begin my new role as Superintendent.  Welcome back to school!