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La Mirada Crime Sumary August 20, 2012 – August 26, 2012

The following crimes were reported to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for the week of August 20 to August 26, 2012.

Aggravated Assault
An assault and carjacking incident was reported on the 15100 block of Rosecrans Ave. The incident is currently under investigation.

Residential Burglary
Two residential burglaries were reported last week.
An incident occurred on the 12800 block of El Moro Ave. It is under investigation.
A burglary was reported on the 14300 block of Aranza Dr.

Other Structure Burglary
A commercial burglary was reported on the 14900 block of Desman Rd. Copper telephone wiring was taken from the location.

Grand Theft
Two grand thefts were reported last week.
An incident was reported on the 12700 block of Valley View Ave. A suspect was taken into custody related to the incident.
A theft was reported on the 14500 block of Aranza Dr. An arrest was made in connection with the incident.

Grand Theft Vehicle
A vehicle was reported stolen from the 15600 block of Ashgrove Dr.
A vehicle stolen from Arizona was recovered on the 12700 block of Valley View Ave. A suspect was arrested in connection with the incident.

Increase in Cell Phone Theft & Robberies
There has been an increase in cell phone thefts throughout Los Angeles County and the nation. Because cell phones are now an everyday part of life for most people, criminals have stepped up their efforts to steal your favorite communication device.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives and other police agencies have found several common denominators with cell phone thefts. Please read these tips to reduce the cost, risks and hassle of having your phone stolen:

8 Cell Phone Safety Tips:

1. Password Protect Phone: Use the security lock code, or PIN feature, to lock your phone. Make it difficult for others to access your personal information in your stolen phone.
2. Save Serial Number: Save your cell phone’s serial number model and make, and keep it in a place where you can find it. This is crucial in returning recovered property. Your serial number proves it’s yours.
3. Don’t Store Secrets: Consider carefully what information you store in your phone to prevent identity theft as well. If it’s stolen, it’s not that difficult for bad guys to pull out your private information before clearing the memory and reselling the device.
4. Activate Tracking Device: Activate the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system on your phone or other electronic device. If the device does not have a GPS tracking system, there is after-market software you can buy. Tracking devices often lead to your stolen device and lots of other stolen property.
5. Distracted Walking and Talking – Stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t walk down the street talking on your phone or texting unaware of your environment or of people nearby. Thieves prey on victims who are inattentive and are known to snatch the phone from your hands while you talk.
6. Put it Away – When in a restaurant or a public place, don’t leave your phone on the table. It’s too easy for crooks to grab it and run. Put it away and enjoy your meal.
7. Don’t Delay: If your phone gets stolen, report it to your local sheriff’s or police station as soon as possible.
8. Be a Good Witness: Don’t try to wrestle your phone back from the suspect. Use caution but try to get a good description of the suspect and vehicle (license number, color, and model) and the last known direction of travel. Write it down if you can and call the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station immediately at (562) 902-2960.