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Three Suspects Convicted of Attempted Murder of a Homeless Man

Thee men have been convicted in a brutal attack of a homeless man during a legal proceeding on Thursday at the Southwest Superior Court House.

In June 2012, 36 year-old Ernest J. Jackson Jr., 31-year old Richard Johnson, and 27 year-old

Suspect Jackson mug shot

Suspect Jackson mug shot

all Los Angeles County residents, were convicted of Attempted Murder, Robbery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Mayhem of a homeless man. In July 2012, the suspects were sentenced at the Southwest Superior Court to a combined total of sixty years in prison.

On September 24, 2011, the three suspects severely beat and robbed a 55-year old homeless man in South Los Angeles. Sheriff’s Parks Bureau deputies said the homeless victim was robbed of a few dollars and a small radio at the Colonel Leon H. Washington Park, 8908 S. Maie Avenue, South Los Angeles.

The victim spent two weeks in an Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital and was later released.

Suspect Jackson was a Parolee at Large and was arrested by deputies at the same park where the attack occurred.

–By Brian Hews