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Two Lakewood Deputies hospitalized after ‘brave’ rescue of elderly man from burning house in Bellflower

Heroic Rescue in Bellflower

Bellflower deputies from Lakewood Sheriff’s Station responded to an emergency call at noon Saturday regarding a structural fire call at the 9500 block of Rose Street, Bellflower.

By Brian Hews

An act of bravery by local Sheriff Deputies has resulted in the heroic rescue of a elderly man in a burning house on Rose Street in Bellflower on Saturday.

Deputies from the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station responded to an emergency call regarding a structural fire call at the 9500 block of Rose Street. When they arrived, they noticed the rear of the house was on fire with black smoke spewing out from the roof. They also heard a male voice calling for help from inside the home.

The deputies were initially unable to gain entry into the home due to metal security bars on the windows and doors.

One deputy forcibly pulled off one of the security bars with his hands and broke a window to the home. The small opening was not big enough to allow the deputies to gain entry, so they quickly moved over to a locked kitchen security door in an attempt to gain entry. Again the deputies was too big to get through the small opening.

Meanwhile, the victim’s neighbor, a 59 year-old male, came to the aid of the deputies. He was smaller and was able to squeeze through the small opening the deputies had created in the window. Once inside, he opened the kitchen door so the deputies could come inside the home.

By this time, the house was filled with black smoke but deputies ran into the burning house, located the victim, and carried the 85-year old male resident outside to safety.

The 85-year old victim and two deputies were transported to local hospitals where they were treated for their injuries. The victim was later released; however, the two deputies have been admitted to the hospital for overnight observation. They are in stable condition. The neighbor was seen by Los Angeles County firefighters at the scene, but declined further medical treatment.

Los Angeles County Firefighters acted quickly and saved the house. Per firefighters, the fire was deemed accidental and caused approximately $25,000.00 in structural damage and $5,000 in property damage.

“The deputies and brave neighbor quickly worked together to save the man’s life,” said Captain Mike Parker, Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau. “We are certainly proud of our deputies, but the victim was also very fortunate to have a neighbor brave enough to climb through iron bars into a burning house to save him.”