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SOUTHEAST LA TRAFFIC: CalTrans Unveils New Real-Time Travel Cams, Maps

QuickCams help Cerritos, Norwalk freeway motorists

“QuickCam” help Cerritos, Norwalk freeway motorists wind through the maze of cars on our local freeways. Seen is the 91 and 605 Freeway at 4: 15 p.m. on Tuesday.

By Brian Hews

Motorists around Cerritos, Norwalk, and all of Southeast Los Angeles County have a new on line tool at their fingertips that will allow them to avoid local freeway traffic nightmares in real time.

To see the new service in action, access Caltrans QuickMap by visiting the Caltrans site at quickmap.dot.ca.gov.

“A wide range of useful information is now easily accessible to help motorists avoid congestion and reduce their travel times,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty.

“This exciting innovation delivers real-time data so travelers can adjust their routes to get where they’re going as quickly as possible.”

Motorists are currently found in long traffic delays in the Norwalk area due to a massive expansion of Interstate 5.

Officials at Cal Trans said visitors to the online interactive travel map can access nearly 1,000 freeway cameras and more than 700 electronic message signs on highways statewide.

On line readers will also monitor traffic congestion, California Highway Patrol incidents, travel time information, lane closures due to highway roadwork, and Amber Alerts. Other helpful features of the service include chain control information and color-coded traffic speed displays for freeways statewide.