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Fountain Plaza Center to get Remake with Reconstruction of Destroyed Building

By Jerry Bernstein

The Cerritos City Council approved a Planning Commission recommendation to remodel the existing buildings of the Fountain Plaza Shopping Center and replace a two-story office/retail structure that was destroyed by fire with a new two-story building. Cerritos Current Planning Manager Robert Lopez said the architects Perkowitz & Ruth also plan to refurbish and upgrade the existing fountain landscaping; make improvements to the vehicular and pedestrian circulation in the center.

Rendering of proposed two-story retail/office building at 11440-22520 South Street in the Fountain Plaza Shopping Center, The new structure will replace a demolished fire-damaged two-story building.

Lopez said the property was first developed in 1976 with three separate commercial buildings and was named Fountain Plaza due to the two fountains featured in the landscape design. The two existing buildings consist of one story each. He said there are two existing monument signs on the property. The first is for Coco’s Restaurant and the second sign is for the Fountain Plaza Shopping Center tenant identification.

The proposal includes the remodeling of the exterior facades of the two single-story commercial buildings and replaces the destroyed structure. The new building will be increased by 3,534 sq. ft. over the previous building; the first floor will contain leased commercial space and a common area. Access to the second floor will be by elevator and three separate staircases. The second floor will contain leased office space, a common area and restrooms.

In other business the council approved an agreement between the city of Cerritos and the city of La Mirada exchanging the community development block grant (CDBG) funds for general funds for the fiscal year 2012-13.

Management Analyst Ryan Carey said because of the extensive restrictions on how the funds can be used, the city has historically elected to exchange the CDBG funds for general funds. The agreement with La Mirada will exchange approximately $134,190 of General Fund monies for $189,000 of Cerritos CDBG funds.

The Council also awarded a contract to CWA AUA, Inc. (CWA) of Glendale in the amount of $31,250 for the design and construction of a Cerritos Library Teen Area. Assistant City Engineer Kanna Vancheswaran said the engineer’s estimate for the construction portion of the project is $300,000. Funding for this portion of the project

has been earmarked from a reimbursement of maintenance and servicing the City

recently received as part of the Safe Neighborhood Parks Propositions of

1992 and 1996.

In other business the council approved a recommendation from Community and Safety Services discounting Green Fees for veterans on Veteran’s Day, Sept. 11, at Cerritos Iron-Wood Nine Golf Course. The issue was brought forth by a resident who became aware of a similar program offered at golf courses operated by the Los Angeles County

Recreation Services Superintendent Sherre Titus said the Parks and Recreation Commission voted unanimously voted for the discount. Currently the fee for residents is $10.50, non-residents pay $12.50. The proposed Discount Rate for residents will be $5.25 and for non-residents $6.25.

The Council also concurred with the League of California Cities in support of SB 1987 prohibiting junk dealers and recyclers from possessing manhole covers, backflow devices and fire hydrants without written certification from the owner of the material. The bill would relieve junk dealers recyclers from the responsibility of determining whether or not any of the three items in question are stolen since the items would no longer be eligible for recycling without proper certification. Failure to comply with this provision is a criminal fine of up to $3,000.

Staff was instructed to write a letter in support of the bill to Assembly Appropriation Committee, Senator Emerson who introduced the bill, and our representatives in the Assembly and Senate.

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