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Cerritos Parking Citations Increased

The fines for designated parking prohibitions and restrictions were increased to $26 effective July 1.  Greg Berg, Director of Community and Safety Services, said the increase will allow the City to recover most of the costs associated with issuing each citation.
He said the State of California levies a total of $12.50 in fees and assessments for each citation. The State’s assessments include: Courthouse Construction ($2.50); Criminal Justice Facility ($2.50); ICNF Court Construction ($3); Court Construction ($1.50); and the Trial Court Trust Fund ($3). The City also pays a citation processing fee of $1.48. The City’s labor cost for processing each citation is approximately $13.60.
The increased fines will apply to the following violations: No Parking 3 to 5 a.m.; Posted No Stopping; Improper Curb Parking; Repairing Vehicle in Street; No Parking on Apron; Expired Registration; Angle Parking; Perpendicular Driveway Parking; Blocking Street; No Front License Plate; Parked on Lawn/Unpaved; Bus Zone; Parking Hazard; Blocking Driveway; Parking on Parkway; Unloading Only; Loading Zone; Restricted Parking 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Parking on Unapproved Surface; Parking in Two Spaces; and Not Parked in Marked Space.
Nineteen of the citations previously cost $13. Two citations had fines of $16 and $18 (Parking in Two Spaces and Not Parked in Marked Space, respectively).

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