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Cerritos Weekly Crime Summary July 2, 2012 – July 8, 2012

There were 27 Part I felony crimes investigated last week, up from 22 the week before. Vehicle burglaries increased, robberies remained the same, while residential and commercial burglaries along with vehicle thefts dropped. 281 calls for service were handled by patrol personnel, up from 263. The current 2012 weekly average in calls for service is 267
For the second consecutive week, there were no robberies reported.
Residential burglaries were down from three to one last week. An open window was the point of entry in the lone case where a loss could not be initially determined. The 2012 weekly average in residential burglaries is now 4.3
Open windows equal easy access for the burglar. Don’t make anything easy on the criminal. Make sure that your residence is secured prior to leaving.
Commercial burglaries were down from four to one last week. A closed business was targeted and a security camera was taken. The 2012 weekly average in “other structure”/commercial burglaries is 1.8.
Vehicle burglaries increased from seven to nine. Six of the crimes last week occurred in high-volume commercial parking lots. Eight were SUVs. Purses, wallets, ID, cell phones, plumbing tools, cash, a garage remote control and a DMV disabled placard were taken. In addition to those items, third-row seats were removed from SUVs. The 2012 weekly average in vehicle burglaries is 7.6.
Garage door remote control devices are of valuable use to a residential burglar. It is almost like giving the thief a key to your home. Think about locking it in the trunk if you must park outside, or take it with you.
Vehicle thefts were down from five to four last week. Three of the cases were from lots. Two Hondas and two Toyotas were stolen. The new 2012 weekly average in vehicle thefts is now 3.4.
ANY form of an anti-theft device is better than nothing at all. A wide range exists from simple steering wheel locks to global positioning satellite tracking (GPS). Steering wheel locking devices can cost as little as $30.00 and are a visual deterrent. Use of these devices tells the would-be thief to find an easier target.