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Lakewood Car Wash Goes Environmental

Getting your car washed can be more environmentally friendly than you think. Lakewood Car Wash & Detail Center, recently remodeled with state of the art equipment and new technology that now makes it easier for customers to Go Green and protect the environment.
Lakewood Car Wash, uses a new 21st century technology that reclaims, recycles and reduces water usage. That water is discharged into storage tanks, filtered, treated and recycled. This process has qualified Lakewood Car Wash to become a member of the International Car Wash Association’s Water Savers™ Program.
You typically will use up to 140 gallons of water to get the job done. After the soapy water combines with the grease- and oils on your driveway, it then runs straight into the storm drains without being treated in a sewage center. and goes straight to the ocean. Lakewood Car Wash uses about 12 gallons of fresh water per car, water will be sewage treated, not dumped. They also use environmentally safe biodegradable products made in the USA by our industries most trusted manufactures.
Lakewood Car Wash now has an Express Exterior wash option that allows customers to get a clean car in less than 5 Minutes- that dry’s spot free with FREE Vacuums, starting at $5.99. “We wanted the new concept to fit conveniently with today’s busy life styles, said co-owner Alex Shakouri.
Eco-Friendlier Fundraisers
Do you have a fundraiser coming up? Want to make it both financially rewarding and eco-friendly? “We will work hand in hand with non-profits, schools and churches offering fundraising programs” Shakouri said. Lakewood Car Wash is located at 5730 Lakewood Boulevard, for more information visit www.lakewoodcarwash.com