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CERRITOS Weekly Crime Summary June 11-17, 2012

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper publishes a weekly crime report as a public service to the community each and every week. Be Safe. Be Alert.

There were 22 Part I felony cases investigated by the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station last week, up from 19 the week before. Robberies, vehicle burglaries, and vehicle thefts increased. Residential burglaries remained the same, as commercial burglaries dropped. 285 calls for service were handled by patrol deputies last week, up from 250 the previous one. (Calls for service traditionally increase during summer months and the Holiday Season) The new 2012 weekly average in calls for service now stands at 267.
Two robberies were investigated last week, up from one the week before. On Saturday June 16 at 7:00 p.m. a male was sitting on a bench outside the Los Cerritos Center. Three males approached and demanded his property, which consisted of recent purchases. The victim complied and the suspects fled. At 6:45 p.m. the following evening, a male shoplifting suspect fought with loss prevention personnel outside the Los Cerritos Center. The suspect was joined by a female companion, but both were ultimately arrested.
Residential burglaries remained the same at six last week. Three cases were attributed to open/unlocked doors or windows, two windows were pried open, and one was shattered. Jewelry, currency, and laptop computers were taken.
Six suspects were arrested in the burglaries last week. The 2012 weekly average in residential burglaries is now 4.4.
Again we can see that leaving windows open to keep the home cool can lead to a resident becoming a victim of a residential burglary. Make sure that you check all windows and doors prior to leaving, and that they are all secured.
There were no commercial burglaries reported. The 2012 weekly average in “other structure”/commercial burglaries is 1.6.
Vehicle burglaries rose from four to 11 last week. High-volume commercial parking lots were the locations in eight. Seven were SUVs. Two GPS units and two stereo systems were stolen along with credit cards, purses, tools, ID, wallets, checkbooks, sunglasses, and miscellaneous papers. The 2012 weekly average in vehicle burglaries is 7.7.
Just because your vehicle is the driveway doesn’t mean it cannot be the target of a vehicle burglary. Make sure that nothing can be seen inside that would appeal to a thief. Secure it in the trunk or take it with you, and don’t forget to do so with the remote garage door opener.
Vehicle thefts increased to two last week after no reports the previous one. A Toyota and an SUV were stolen from high-volume commercial parking lots. The 2012 weekly average in this category is now 3.4.
We always promote the use of steering wheel locking devices as great visible deterrents, but also endorse the use of tracking devices that can lead to the speedy recovery of your stolen vehicle.