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A Tradition at Juarez Elementary School Lives On

A tradition was born when Juarez Elementary School first opened its doors in 1972. A softball game was initiated between the teachers and the six grade students the day before school closed for the summer. Later the game was changed to kickball.
On June 27 the two teams were out on the field behind the school ready to begin. Except for the two teams, the entire student body and teaching staff were on the sidelines to cheer the team onward. Dawn Heeren, Special Day Class teacher explained the rules are a little different than regular play. At Juarez, the teachers are allowed three outs each inning. Students are allowed to go through the entire team line.
The game is played approximately one hour. Half way through this year’s game the students were leading. However when the game was over the teachers had won by one run. Principal Dr. LuAnn Adler was quick to point out while the winning team is happy to have won, both students and teachers are all smiles.
Said Dr. Adler, “ The students look forward to the event every year and when the sixth grade goes into middle school, they have good memories of their elementary school.