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It is Time for Change

By Brian Hews

Norwalk just endured its 8th-something murder. The rate is on a record pace, yet Mayor Kelley sits at the council dais and does nothing. No town hall meetings, no plea to the feds for more money (like La Mirada did), no gang sweeps, nothing.

In talking with Capt Pat Maxwell, he is as frustrated as anyone and wants to do something different. Hold a summit of local politicians, leaders and law enforcement to implement a plan to try and stop this violence. Organize community leaders for a more diligent neighborhood watch, ask for more volunteers to patrol the community, hear what other ideas there are.

But still Kelley sits there and does nothing.

Hold a summit with state, county and city officials to discuss crime rates and trends and to implement strategies aimed at cutting crime.
Arrange a meeting of city and county law-enforcement officials to discuss crime.
Organize crime-fighting efforts with surrounding cities.
Use federal programs such as COPS (like La Mirada did).
Visit other cities to see how crime reduction models have worked, like La Mirada.

Form a federal law-enforcement committee so law enforcement officials on federal, state and local levels can share ideas about how to reduce crime.

Get it done within 30 days. Report back to the residents on what will be done and get that done in 60 days.

It is time for a change, that’s not so hard is it Madame Mayor?