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Juarez Elementary School Hold Annual Flag Retirement Ceremony

Each and very year Juarez students and the students from the Southeast Academy High School under the direction of MSgt. Schafer perform the solemn ceremony to retire an old American flag in the proper way.
Each year Juarez collects all the used American flags from the ABC Unified Schools and respectfully retires them by burning. This year the ceremony was held this morning at 9:30 a.m.
During this ceremony the students, staff and community members pay their last respects to the American flag with love and reverence. The flag is carefully cut along the stripes. Each stripe represents one of the original 13 colonies. The colonies are named as each stripe is laid on the flame. The Field of Blue with 50 stars represents the 50 states in the nation. The Field of Blue is placed on the flame last.
After the Southeast Academy students present the colors the audience says the pledge of allegiance together. As the first stripe is cut and placed on the flame “Taps” is played. Quotes from Presidents Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt are read and poems recited by students. The audience sings “God Bless America” and Mrs. Ana Brooks sang a solo of the “Star Spangled Banner.”
The purpose of the ceremony is to emphasize the full meaning of Memorial Day. The annual event acknowledges the sacrifices our military men and women have made for our freedoms