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District Attorney taking ‘team approach’ in sifting through Assessor Noguez evidence

District Attorney taking ‘team approach’ in sifting through Assessor evidence

Some of the hundreds of emails between Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez and Tax Agent Ramin Salari are going under scrutiny by LA County District Attorney investigators.

By Brian Hews

David Demerjian, Senior District Attorney for Los Angeles County told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper on Tuesday that he has 16 investigators shifting through potential evidence gathered during the recent raids involving pay to play corruption allegations deep inside the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office.

Demerjian, in an interview with LCCN, said the “investigation is progressing” and that all of the evidence seized at 12 different locations, including that at the personal residence of Assessor John Noguez and Arizona tax agent is being sifted through “page by page.”

He acknowledged that there is “no timeline” on when his department will have concluded their current investigation.

“We are taking a team approach in this investigation, with all of our investigators working together and being very careful about every detail,” Demerjian said.

The evidence that was hauled away in the raids has been taken to “two possible locations” he said.
“We have a location in Downtown Los Angeles and another in Commerce where we normally conduct our investigations in a case of this magnitude,” Demerjian said.

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