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Noguez Appears in Infomercial Promoting Private Appraiser Company

Video of Noguez Infomercial

The video below was pulled off the internet one day after Los Cerritos Community News reported about it. Knowing this might occur, LCCN shot a “video of the video”; we ran the video on a laptop and shot the video.

Embattled Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez appearance in a You Tube infomercial that promotes a private Pasadena real estate company has been pulled off the internet.
Realtor Don Andrues, who touts himself as “The Real Estate Agent with the Appraiser’s Resume,” and as “A Pasadena Real Estate Agency” with “the second largest real estate agency in the country,” uploaded the clip on Sunday.
The video clip that is titled “Instant Home Tips-An Interview with LA Assessor John Noguez” and runs for over four minutes. Andrues called LCCN on Tuesday and wanted to “clarify” his relationship with Noguez.
Andrues called LCCN to say that he had “no personal or professional relationship” with Noguez.
On the You Tube video he is seen interviewing Noguez in front of the Assessors private desk that is located inside the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration. Noguez and Andrues are seen smiling, laughing and are standing in front of the official seal of the County of Los Angeles, “Office of the Assessor.”

Noguez tells viewers that he oversees more than 2.6 million properties “and I probably have yours too.” Andrues asks Noguez how a homeowner can get their property reassessed in the infomercial, and Noguez tells viewers to print out the Decline in Value Form from the county’s website.

The assessor’s website address also appears on the screen of the video. Andrues also urges viewers to go to his web site www.Realtor-Don.com to get “additional information or the current assessed value of your house.”

Andrues told Los Cerritos Community News on Monday that Noguez was very “kind” during their taping. “He is a real nice man,” Andrues said. “I just called his (Noguez) office to see if I can get an interview, and his staff said yes, and all of the arrangements were made for me to come do the interview,” Andrues said.

Andrues said that he was aware of the current issues facing Noguez, including at least two formal probes by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office of Public Integrity. “I know he has his problems, right now,” Andrues said. “He appears to be a nice man,” he said. Noguez Press Secretary Louis Reyes has refused all interviews with Los Cerritos Community Newspaper during the past several weeks during their investigation into the practices of the office.