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The Ocean Can Be Filled Yet the Mouth of a Human Being Can Never be Filled

Last week my FRIEND FROM FRUITCAKE, FLORIDA attended the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce luncheon where Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe was the guest speaker. The Supervisor discussed the State of the County. “He gave an excellent report,” my Friend said.

“I know, “ I replied. I wrote a story on what he said in this week’s Community News.”

“I thought it interesting when he commented on what was happening at the state and federal level concerning some of the laws being passed.” he said,

“Okay,” I said with tongue in cheek. “I’m assuming you’re referring to laws that will improve the job situation in the state including some changes in state law that will help small business and earmark more funding for the state’s schools.”

My FRIEND FROM FRUITCAKE, FLORIDA gave me a look. “Not quite,” he said. “Did you know the legislature passed a law allowing the display of mountain lion carcasses. They also agreed on a law mandating fitted sheets in hotel rooms, and permitted the operation of bikes without seats on state roads as long as the bike was built that way on purpose.”

“ I would think that would be uncomfortable, I interjected..

“I would think so,” he agreed., before he continued. “On the federal level one debate centered on whether pizza now counts as a vegetable.  Is this what they should be focused on right now,” he asked.

I wouldn’t think so. I replied, ”but maybe that’s all the members of both the Congress and State Legislature are able to agree upon. I sometime think when they’re elected to office our representatives forget why they were elected in the first place. If they can’t come to agreement on an important issue, maybe this is all they can do.

“Enough on state and national politics,” I said. How long are you going to be in town?

My FRIEND FROM FRUITCAKE FLORIDA looked at me. “We’ll I’m thinking of returning home for a few weeks. We have a city council election coming up and I want to be there for it.”

“You can vote by absentee ballot,” I suggested.

“No, I want to be there. We’ve only had one candidate declare he’s running, but I know there will be more.”

“How many seats?” I asked.

“Three.” He answered. “Two incumbents are retiring and the third councilmember is seeking re-election.”

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

“It’s to early to tell, but there are rumbles that outside funding may be coming into play which could change the entire picture of the race.”

“In what way? I asked.

“Fruitcake is a small community. Many of the residents are second and third generation. Change is good, but not if it is for personal gain or revenge.”

I wondered what he meant by that comment, but I decided not to ask.. We sat in silence . “I’ve got to go,” he said. With that he got up and left. I sat at my desk for a few moments, thinking about what he had said.

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