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Cerritos Crime Summary March 26, – April 1, 2012

For the second week in a row, 18 Part I felony investigations were conducted by the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station. Increases occurred in robberies, residential burglaries, and vehicle thefts. Commercial burglaries remained the same, and vehicle burglaries declined. 246 calls for service were handled by patrol personnel last week, down from 254 the week before.

The 2012 weekly average in calls for service is 260.

One robbery was investigated. A lone male suspect approached a male victim in a bank parking lot in the 18600 block of Gridley Road on Saturday March 31 at 12:39 p.m. The suspect simulated a handgun and robbed the victim of a small amount of cash.

Four residential burglaries were reported Three were recorded the previous week. Two of the cases last week were made possible by open/unlocked doors or windows. One side garage door was kicked in, and a window was shattered at the fourth residence. Reported loss items included jewelry, laptop computers, iPads, backpacks, checks, cameras, and passports. The 2012 weekly average in residential burglaries is now 4.5.

Burglar alarms and dogs are the would-be burglar’s worst enemies. Most insurance companies offer a discount on a homeowner’s policy when an alarm system is installed. Both of these additions attract attention to your home when there is an intrusion, but only one will result in a Sheriff’s Department response every time. Unless you can train your dog to dial 911, look into an alarm system BEFORE you become a victim.

For the third consecutive week, one commercial burglary was investigated. A fitness center locker was the target after a lock was cut. A debit card and rings were taken. The 2012 weekly average in commercial burglaries is now 1.2.

Vehicle burglaries dropped from seven to three last week. High-volume commercial parking lots were the locations in three, and two were SUVs. Third-row seats (from SUVs), purses, clothes, credit cards, and ID were stolen. The 2012 weekly average in vehicle burglaries is 6.2.

The safest place to leave items inside of a vehicle is in your locked garage. Remember that wherever you park, you become “fair game” to any thief that can look inside of your vehicle and observe valuable property. Whether you park on a street, in a parking lot, or even your own driveway, the thin window that separates your property from a thief is not any protection at all. Window smashes are the most reported points of entry in vehicle burglaries. SUVs, pick-ups, and vans do not have trunk space. Criminals know this and look even closer. Don’t become a victim by giving a criminal the chance to make you one.

Vehicle thefts rose from two to seven. High-volume commercial parking lots were the crime scenes in only three. Five SUVs, a Honda, and a Ford were listed as stolen. The 2012 weekly average in vehicle thefts is now 4.7.

Even though we see more Hondas and Toyotas stolen compared to others, car thieves are not always as selective as you think and are often just looking for transportation. Consider a steering wheel locking device that serves as a good visual deterrent.

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