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Dear Editor

I was shocked, dismayed and disappointed at the anger expressed by Charlie Ara in his letter to the editor in the March 16th issue of this paper. In spite of our significant political differences, we have known each other for many years, and I consider Charlie a friend. Why liberals always seem angry and cannot express their opinions without resorting to over the top rhetoric is beyond me. Charlie said he was “shocked, dismayed/disappointed” that $8,000 was spent by the City informing residents how the loss of redevelopment funds is affecting Cerritos. This is an important issue and the city’s letter informed all residents of the impact. I found the letter to be informative although one could agree or disagree on whether this expenditure was advisable..

Charlie says the Mayor wrongly blamed the State Assembly for elimination of the Redevelopment Agencies. He goes on to say that the Mayor used the “usual Republican inflammatory language” when she said that the State of California raided property tax increment”. If he considers the term “raided” inflammatory, how would he describe tactics and language by Democrats designed to scare senior citizens by depicting a Republican pushing grandma in a wheel chair over a cliff, depriving poor children of food and dismantling the Social Security System?

Charlie says that “California is one of the richest states, not only in America, but in the entire world”. I guess he hasn’t noticed that California is, in fact, the most indebted state in the union as a result of irrationality on the part of the Democratic controlled legislature which believes in more taxes to support more spending. He blames the “ideologue Republicans” who make up just over one third of the legislature for blocking “any attempt to raise revenues necessary for education, health and infrastructure, etc.” Does Charlie not realize that raising taxes during a recession is harmful to the economy? Although President Obama has been inconsistent on taxes, even he has recognized this reality.

It gets even better. Charlie says “Ideologue Republicans have been bought by the wealthy (whatever that means), many of whom send their children to private schools, sail their million dollar yachts in Newport Beach, play golf in Palm Springs and live in expensive gated communities“. Cannot many Democrats be described in the same manner? I guess, by Charlie’s logic, one would have to assume that “ideologue” Democrats can be bought by the wealthy. How many of the Hollywood elite send their kids to public school? How many politicians of both parties send their kids to public school?

Charlie believes the City should have used redevelopment money to help young families move to Cerritos instead of building housing for senior citizens. Although I am not privy to the rationale used in arriving at this decision, I assume it was made with the best interests of the City in mind.

Gary A. Lee