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Cerritos issues warning about ‘curb painters’

The City of Cerritos has issued a warning to residents this week about an increase in unauthorized curb painters in the City of Cerritos.

Official seal of City of Cerritos

Official seal of City of Cerritos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a release to the media this week, city officials reminded residents that they contract with an outside organization to repaint all residential addresses on public curbs at no cost to residents.

“Cerritos residents should not pay any curb painters who ask for a donation or payment. Permission and licensing from the City of Cerritos are required before a person can paint anything on public curbs. Murals, emblems and pictures of any kind are not allowed,” said city spokeswoman Rebecca Scott.

“Keep in mind that if you pay a curb painter with a

check, your personal information could potentially be used for identity theft. If someone approaches you without a City-issued business license or permit and wants to paint your curb, please report the incident to the City’s Code Enforcement Division by calling (562) 916-1203,” the statement read.

If a code enforcement officer is not available, residents may contact the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station at (562) 860-0044 and request a deputy be sent to investigate.

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