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REVIEW: Los Angeles Brewing Company. Come for the suds, stay for the wonderment


It is the newest, and hottest place in Downtown Los Angeles to hang, and chill.
A former bank building in the heart of the City of Angels is about to swing open its doors with the swish of a beer can, some of the most amazing tapas, an incredible ambiance and a staff that will help navigate you through more than 100 of the world’s most sought after beers, lagers, and malts.{{more}}
The LOS ANGELES BREWING COMPANY is nestled at 8th and Broadway on the ground floor of The Chapman, which once housed the first offices for Bank of America.
It is swank cool. Lots of marble and glass work. Wide screen TV’s to watch the Lakers and Dodgers, it is the perfect ambience.
Owner Ralph Verdugo is banking on a steady packed crowd of Downtown LA dwellers to make this their new “best place to hang” for lunch, after work, for dinner, and well anytime you taste buds are thirsty.
The L.A. Brewing Company has beer. Lots of amazing beer, but it also has an incredible menu that was created by Executive Chef Carlos Garcia, a native Angeleno who has a growing reputation in the twisted world of picky, uptight chefs here in the sometimes stiff world around us along the Harbor Freeway.
Garcia is the former Executive Chef with the renowned Grille 91 located inside the Cerritos Sheraton Hotel, right next to the world famous Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts.
While Verdugo has built the “perfect” new “hangout” with one of the most amazing interiors, and a stunning bar and just makes you want to pull up a stool and literally stay for hours.
Chef Carlos Garcia and Owner Ralph Verdugo are the new “Batman” and “Superman” of the culinary world of Downtown LA.
Menu offering include steaks, burgers, salads, an 8 Hour Vegetarian Bolognese, Beef Ragout, Pacific Rock Fish and Chips, Kansas City NY Strips, Southern Fried Chicken.
Garcia has also a daily “Staff Meal” that will allow diners the opportunity to “eat with the staff eats.” Clever, and trust me, this Chef knows what his staff craves.
Look for Downtown “dog” lovers to have a “spot” at LA Brewing Company. Yap, the joint plans to feature a 10 x 10 gated area for your pooch while you dine and play.
So, WELCOME to the hood. This place is a winner.
Los Angeles Brewing Company, 730 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, 90014. Phone (213) 622-0500.

–Randy Economy
Food Critic
Los Cerritos Community News