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Artesia Council Awards Upgrades for Artesia and Padleford Parks

Paddlefor Park Improvements

Upgrades at the Albert O. Little Community Center, resurfacing of game courts at Artesia Park and A, J. Padelford Park was approved by the Artesia City Council at its Mar. 12 meeting.

In a report to the council, Parks and Recreation Superintendent Melissa Gobas a low bid of $28,543.10 was received from Door Tech for the removal and replacement of three sets of glass/aluminum storefront double doors on the Westside, Southeast Side and Northeast side of the Community Center building. She said the Westside entrance would include an ADA automatic door. The eastside entrances are to be replaced with updated manual doors along with front and back doors in the Recreation Office Room an exterior door, and Room B exterior door.

Six hollow metal doors will also be installed for emergency exit by stage, kitchen exit, and hallway east of the kitchen, storage room, and two exterior office doors. The latter will include window openings with viewable wire class. The remaining four doors will be replaced with updated hollow metal doors.

A low bid of $18,898 from American Court Surfacing. Gobas said the scope of the work includes minor pressure cleaning, repair cracks and damaged sports, preparation of the courts, application of new two color surfacing and painting of court lines where needed for both parks.

Cost of the improvements is being paid for under a grant from the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District in the amount of $150,000. Five projects were outlined for the funding including the replacement of exterior doors at the Community Center and the resurfacing of game courts at the two parks.

Previous work done with grant funding includes kitchen equipment and bleacher replacement totaling $69,502.84 leaving a remaining balance for completion of other projects of $33,065.06.


The council also reached an agreement with the ABC Unified School District over on the question of converting to by-district system to elect members to the school board.

The council named an ad hoc committee consisting of Mayor Pro Tem Sally Flowers and Councilmember Victor Manalo who met with Superintendent Dr. Gary Smuts and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu on Mar. 1 who offered proposals to include input from the communities within the District boundaries promote committee appointments in an effort to put more local people on them. The also made recommendations for residents to serve on board committees.

Flowers said if more residents become involved they would probably become more interested in school affairs and might then decide to run for the school board. It was noted that the majority of the school board members reside in Cerritos and there was no reason why residents from Artesia and the other cities within the District could and should get more involved in District affairs and run for school board. The Council agreed it would work with the District so Artesia has a place at the table in order to get more Artesians involved.

Discussion was also held on the matter of funding the Crossing Guard program. A review will be made by city staff as to the proactive of full service cities and how funding is applied.