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NBC Map: Track COVID-19 Vaccinations in California’s 58 Counties

Map: Track COVID-19 Vaccinations in California’s 58 Counties

The easing of restrictions is due in part to the state hitting a 2 million equity metric aimed at getting more vaccines into low-income communities. The state has also opened vaccinations to an estimated 4.4 million people ages 16-64 with disabilities and certain health conditions, including severe obesity, type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease at stage four or above and Down syndrome.

The state is also expanding eligibility to transit workers and residents and workers of homeless shelters, jails and detention centers. They join teachers, food and agriculture workers, health care employees and seniors 65 and older in being eligible for vaccine.

Use the interactive tool to see how many vaccine doses have been administered in your area. You can then compare your county to others across the state.



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